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Hayes Sprayers on display at WA's premier farming field day

The Dowerin Machinery Field Days was held on August 27 and 28th this year.

Dowerin is situated in the heart of the central Wheatbelt, 165kms north east of Perth.

On display were the range of Hayes single and tandem axle axle trailed boomsprays and a hydraulic fold three point linkage model. The site was attended by Hayes Spraying Operations Manager Mark Dezius and Sales Manager David Wells in conjunction with Brian Woods our southern dealer at BTW Spray Shop. The event provided a great opportunity to exhibit our machines to the West Australian farming community.

The response from the farming community and visitors to our site was very positive. They were impressed with the simplicity of the spray units, the design and strength of the booms, and the fact that all the components used in the build and fit out of our machines are all common parts and sizes available anywhere. Overall they were happy with how simple, durable and user friendly our boomsprays are!

NEW PRODUCT RELEASED! The Hayes Air Spreader Boom.

 Hayes Spraying will show it’s newly released 27m air spreader boom at this year’s Ag Quip.

The new air spreader boom is a machine that uses fan driven air seeder technology to spread broadacre solid fertiliser at high speeds and with greater accuracy than spinner spreaders.

A shift in farming practices has seen growers applying lower rates of nitrogen prior to planting and topping up mid season to suit the seasonal growing conditions, maximising yields and protein levels.

Traditionally spinner spreaders have been used in many fields over the last 30 years and are reasonably cheap to purchase. However, their accuracy in regard to placing material evenly across swath widths at reasonable speeds and in all weather conditions has been considerably poor. While some manufacturers quote impressive spread widths, the actual swath of spinner spreaders can vary substantially depending on the granular size and moisture content of the product. This can lead to variations of up to 100% in application rate of the product, lost time due to narrow swaths and higher fertiliser costs from wastage. Today, farmers need an efficient fertiliser spreader more than ever due to the soaring prices of fertiliser and fuel. You will save time and money by choosing a fertiliser spreader that maximises application efficiency.

The Hayes  Spraying air spreaders have a central metering and distribution system which disperses granules into multiple air hoses mounted along a boom and is then distributed through evenly spaced points. At each point, the product impacts a deflector plate that provides fully overlapped, even distribution. This machine has the advantages of uniformity of spread, reduction of fertiliser wastage, reduced environmental impact from overdosing and wide spreading capabilities from 18 to 36mtr swaths.

In some cases three point linkage and trailed air spreader booms are able to pull existing air seeder carts, spreading swaths up to 30m. However, the 36m machines will require higher output air driven distribution units than currently available for normal seeding operations and will have 7 to 10 ton hoppers mounted on the trailed 36m models. The rugged Hayes Spraying boom arms are renowned for their durability in rough field conditions and will carry the extra loads of the fertiliser distribution manifolds without problems, where lighter arms would fail under the increased loads.

Hayes Spraying are the only trailed manufacturers that use fully independent trailing arm coil spring suspension for a superior trailer ride in all field conditions. They have combined cushioned hydraulic boom suspension with a fool proof pendulum levelling system to provide the best ride possible for large spraying and spreading systems. Hayes Spraying has built the widest suspended boomsprays with swaths to 50 meters and have continuously developed products over 40 years to cater for the ever changing needs of broadacre farmers in Australia and overseas.

Thanks to Hayes Spraying’s new air spreader boom, farmers will now have air spreader equipment that can place the fertiliser accurately across swath widths from 18m to 36m at higher speeds and even in windy conditions.

For more details PH 074671 3092  ~  sales@hayesspraying.com.au

Farmfest 2014 Review

We had another successful year at the CRT Farmfest in Toowoomba. Farmfest always provides a great opportunity to catch up with our valued customers as well as introducing our range to new people. This year we saw a lot of interest in our chemical handling equipment (including mixing trailers) and our bonnet mounted side tanks.

The team from New Farm Machinery stopped by and had a chat with our Sales Manager David Wells and posted a video of the interview on the Trade Farm Machinery website. See http://www.tradefarmmachinery.com.au/news-reviews/2014/6/hayes-spraying-farmfest-2014/

Wagin Woolorama 2014 Review

Hayes Spraying made its Western Australian field day debut at the Wagin Woolorama on the 7th and 8th of March this year.

The Kojonup Agricultural Supplies site at Wagin were host to our Managing Directors Maurie & Jenny Hayes, Sales Manager David Wells and two of our great machines – a 36m 6000L single axle, hydraulic fold trailed sprayer and 24m 2000L hydraulic fold three point linkage sprayer. We would like to thank Ned Capper and the Kojonup Ag team for hosting our WA release at Wagin. Our machines are now at Kojonup Agricultural Supplies’ yard, if anyone would like to have a look contact Ned on 0898 311 022 to arrange an inspection or contact David or Jess at Hayes Spraying for more information.

The resounding response from the farming community in the Great Southern and Central Wheat Belt was very positive. Those who visited the site were impressed with our strong and uncomplicated machines. As more and more people are moving from mixed farming to broadacre cropping they are looking to increase efficiencies by moving to larger scale equipment. Hayes Spraying has the sprayers and accessories to be able to accommodate this shift with little effort and big results.

Now that WA has seen our strength we plan to follow up with a demonstration showcasing the stability of the Hayes Spraying booms. Stability and smooth ride is a key factor that Hayes Spraying refuses to compromise on.

 Hayes Spraying at Wagin Woolerama Hayes Spraying at Wagin Woolerama