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Hayes Trailing Air Spreader Boom

Above: Hayes 36m 9000L Trailed Air Spreader Boom
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Key Features

The Hayes Spraying Air Spreader Boom uses fan driven planter technology to spread broadacre solid fertiliser at higher speeds and with greater accuracy than spinner spreaders.

Spinner spreaders have been used in many fields for the last 30 years and are reasonably cheap to purchase. However, the main issue is their poor ability to place material accurately and evenly across swath widths as narrow as 20m at reasonable speeds.

Traditional methods have often resulted in wasted time and money due to uneven distribution. The accurate placement of material is crucial for efficient farm productivity due to rapidly increasing fertiliser costs.

The new Hayes Air Spreader Boom will place the fertiliser accurately across swath widths from 20m to 36m at higher speeds. The three point linkage air spreader boom s are able to pull farmers existing air seeder carts to spread swaths up to 30m. Additionally, the trailed air spreader boom incorporates its own Boss manufactured fertiliser bin mounted on the robust Hayes Spraying chassis, increasing the accurate swath width to 36m.

Additional Information

GRDC studies N losses from fertiliser spreading on northern soils ... See full articleFertiliser Spreading Studies

Diverse farming practices will require customised options. Speak to our sales team to determine which optional extras you may require for increased productivity and peace of mind P: 0746 713 092 E: sales@hayesspraying.com.au

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