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Hayes N-Buggy

N Buggy

Above: The Hayes 5 Tonne N Buggy metering urea direct to the irrigation channel.

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Key Features:

The N-Buggy is essentially a 5 ton transportable silo that allows nitrogen to be applied at the same time as crop irrigation. This design has been unique to Hayes Spraying for over 20 years. The N-Buggy works by dispensing stored urea, potassium or any other solid fertiliser along a conveyer belt into the supply channel or head ditch. Application rates can range from 5-200kg per Hectare and can be calibrated to your needs via a simple to use digital control panel.

The N-Buggy runs on a deep cycle battery, charged by a  solar panel. This allows the N-Buggy to be fully and continuously operational day and night without the burden of generators or pumps.

The N-Buggy comes standard with: 5 ton Silo Digital control panel Deep cycle battery Solar Panel Conveyer belt with canvas cover Multi-meter Operation manual with calibration chart and field report templates

Additional Information

Advantages of Using the N-Buggy No risk of soil compaction Nitrogen carried to right to the root zone More effective field coverage than water run gas Lower volatilisation losses and more even application than anhydrous ammonia

Product Guide

Product Brochure Brochure N-Buggy

Operation Manual N-Buggy Operation Manual

Calibration Sheet N-Buggy Calibration