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Hayes Chemical Mixing and Transfer Trailers

Trailer Chemical Transfer

Above: Hayes Chemical Trailer with Twin Rinse Bins, Chemical Loading Pump & Fresh Water Pump.

Key Features

The Hayes Spraying on farm Chemical Trailer will increase the productivity of your spraying operation by saving you valuable time both whilst loading the boomspray and moving to and from water points. The specially designed loading system increases operator safety by minimising chemical contact and making the loading process easy.

Built on a fully welded chassis and fitted with a 4.5 ton rated suspension on bogie leaf  springs, it will comfortably carry two 1000L chemical shuttles with plenty of room left to mix chemical. The trailer is fitted with a fold down side and rear step for easy access.

The Hayes Spraying Chemical Trailer comes standard with: 2” Honda Engine Driven Chemical Loading Pump 2x 120L Chemical Hoppers Trailer Gates 20L Clean Water Container Safety Kit Measuring Jugs 140L Storage Toolbox 2” Filters and Hoses

The Hayes Spraying Chemical Trailer is designed for on farm use only and as such is not suitable for registration or road use.

Additional Information

Some of the common upgrades for the chemical trailer include: 2nd 2” Honda Engine Driven Clean Water Pump Upgrade to 200L Chemical Hopper 20m Hose Reel Assorted Suction hoses with Female Camlocks Micromatic Coupling Shower Assembly

Chemical Hoppers Fitted with a nozzle for rinsing 20L drums easily. The valve will open only when pushed down by the inverted chemical drum. The agitation nozzle is used to mix and agitate chemical, including liquid, powders and granules.

Product Guide

Product Brochure Chemical Trailer Brochure

Chemical Handling Guide Chemical Handling