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Hayes Chemical Handling Equipment

Trailer Chemical Transfer

Above: Hayes Chemical Handling Equipment.

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Key Features:

The Hayes Spraying chemical handling equipment is designed to make your spraying job easier whilst minimising chemical contact and waste.

The pump and rinse bin assemblies are a self contained unit set up for calibrated measuring, 20L drum wash, chemical agitation and quick fill. Poly fittings are used to minimise weight.

1.5” Batching Unit includes: 1.5” Davey Firefighter load pump, 120L Rinse Bin, Filters

2” Batching Unit includes: 2” Honda Driven Load Pump, 120L Rinse Bin, Filters

2” Loading System includes: 2” Honda Driven Load Pump in frame with 2x 120L Rinse Bins, Stainless Steel Manifold and Plumbing

Additional Information

Some of the common upgrades for the pump and rinse bin assemblies include: 200L Rinse Bin Pickling Unit Spear Kit Viton Seal Kit 2” Camlocks on 1.5” pump assembly

Overview of chemical handling accessories Measuring Jugs 1L, 3L, 5L, 15L, 25L Rinse Bin 50L, 120L, 200L Agitation Nozzle Micromatic Couplings Chemical Spears Hoses made to order

Contact our spare parts team for all of your chemical handling queries P: 0746 713 092 E: parts@hayesspraying.com.au

Product Guide

Product Brochure Chemical Handling Brochure

Chemical Handling Guide (Rinse Bin Operation)

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