Hayes Spraying


Manufacturers of boomspray equipment including Weedit sprayers, tractor tank mounts and trailers.

Hayes Spraying offers a range of purpose built 3PL and trailed fully automated boomsprays.

Currently suppling 12m and 18m Weedit units with a 24m Weedit unit in testing, they are coupled to Swarmfarm robots.

We also have a prototype 36m PLC controlled unit operating in the field for the last 12 months and is ready for automated tractors.

Hayes Auton Weedit sprayer range is not only reducing chemicals entering the soil, killing resistant weeds and saving the end user money, it is also addresses the labour shortage issue that a lot of businesses are facing.

VIDEO: Fully automated 18m Weedit Quadro trailer with a SwarmFarm robot

ABOVE: Final testing of our 18m WeeditQuadro with help from Swarm Farm Robotics. Fully automated trailer performing very well. Exciting times ahead.

MEDIA RELEASE: Hayes Spraying partner with Rometron Australia to become Weedit dealers

Rometron Australia are partnering with Hayes Spraying Goondiwindi to provide another channel through which Australian farmers can get their hands on the world-leading WEED-IT technology.

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PRODUCT RELEASE: Hayes Spraying 48m optical spot spraying trailed sprayer.

ABOVE: Due to customer demand and supplying to an industry where productivity and efficiency is key to survival, Hayes Spraying is proud to introduce to the market the first 48m optical spot spraying trailed sprayer.

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See the Hayes Tandem Axle Hydraulic Fold Sprayer in action. This video demonstrates its superior strength and reliability.

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