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Hayes 38.5m 8000l Trailed Hydraulic Fold Sprayer

James Nixon, "Glen Lea", Oaklands NSW

I find best feature of the Hayes sprayer is the suspension of everything.  The floating drawbar takes a lot of load off the drawbar of the tractor and helps to smooth out the bounce from the tractor to the sprayer.  The wing tilt hydraulics of the boom also have accumulators fitted to take the shock from the booms when spraying on rougher ground, and the main mast has an accumulator fitted to it to keep the whole boom from bouncing.  Together the four wheels are suspended independently and this also gives the cart a good ride.

I use twin spray lines which can be turned on or off on the sprayer depending on the situation and flushing the booms is easy as there are no dead ends in the plumbing for chemical residue to remain in.  This also is good for priming the booms

I like the large tank it is great to help get more hectares done between fills, with the addition of the large 120l drop down hopper makes filling the sprayer with chemical quick and easy. 

I like the large venturi in the rear of the tank; it provides excellent agitation for the chemical especially when using high rates of granulated products such as simazine and atrazine for our TT canola

I like the simple design of the sprayer which helps to keep maintenance to a minimum, and when something does go wrong parts readily available from a large number of distributors as Hayes use very common spray components.

I also like that the whole sprayer can be fixed by us in our own workshop with no need for specialised parts.

James Nixon, "Glen Lea", Oaklands NSW