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TOP10Why Farmers Choose a Hayes Sprayer

1. Simple - Reliable - Durable 

Hayes sprayers are built on years of practical experience – Simple, Reliable and Durable. No complicated or unnecessary plumbing. No gadgets.

2. Lots of Steel.

Chassis are built from fully welded, heavy duty RHS steel. Dual grade steel is used. This is high tensile steel that has good welding characteristics.

3. Boom Design.

Twin chain boom suspension that allows the boom to move slightly and not transfer any stress back through the boom or chassis. Simple self level design – no complicated springs and bush setup.

4. Standard sized fittings.

Hose fittings, hoses, and hydraulic fittings are all standard, readily available sizes.

5. Suspension.

Trailer suspension is second to none. Independent coil spring.

6. Top quality hose and fittings.

Highest quality nitrile lined black pressure hose – 5 year warranty. Wire reinforced suction hose. Stainless steel fittings on the pump.

7. High quality electrical wire and fittings.

High quality imported wire used in Hayes made harnesses. Deutsch plugs used as standard. Made from chemical resistant alloy, positive connection, and waterproof.


Standard sized hose, fittings, and rams. Lockout valves on the boom function to stop ram creep. Adjustable needle valves to fine tune ram function speed.

9. Good tanks

Global tanks have thicker walls and thicker corners for added strength. Channels from the tank end lead to a deep sump.

10. The Hayes Spraying back up and service.

Hayes Spraying stands behind its product. Many staff have years of practical experience in the spraying industry. Company staff know and care about the product.